Riot in London - ANS spectral synth live demo of photo Image converted into Sound

Published on 15 Mar 2017
In this video we see a photo loaded into the ANS spectral synthesiser and processed further into audible sound. An image like this one can be processed in the free GIMP graphics program first if you like, in order to get the best effect out of the ANS. If an image is white, or bright, then ANS will see this as sort of transparent and will allow light throughout the image, hence nearly all tones will sound and it will come out as white noise or similar. There are over 700 tones in ANS, so that is a lot of sound coming out at once, hence the white noise effect. But by creating a black "ink" background in an image or transparent alpha etc. and making the image appear as an "etching", this will enhance the sound a lot. This sound was was then routed into the audio input of the Roland MC909 where the sound can be played up and down the scale using the MC909 pads or the MIDI connected keyboard. A tool brush was also crudely made from the image in ANS by selecting a portion of the image and making a brush tool. This was used to draw an image in another new project. A midi keyboard can be used to play and draw notes in the ANS. There was a problem with that particular method when I used it, probably down to me needing re configure my MIDI set up with the ANS better. But for audio in on the MC909, no problems. For more great little tutorials on this go to Alexander Zolotov's website at

Riot in London - Virtual A.N.S.spectral synth demo - studio video 9 March 2017

Published on 9 Mar 2017
Here is a basic intro to the ANS spectral synthesiser used by Riot in London in some of the music. The original ANS was built in the Soviet Union and completed in 1958. There is only one and that in in a museum in Moscow and still being used by musicians interested in it. The Virtual ANS used in this video is a software version of the original. Here, the audio output is fed into the MC909 audio input. Apologies for some of the shoddy camera work being a bit shaky but it is all done in real-time which is want I want to demonstrate. More detailed information on this excellent program and on the original ANS synthesiser can be found via a couple of links I have left on here.

ANS synthesizer on Wiki

The Virtual ANS software program used in this video

Riot in London - Artwonk-ANS experiment video1 studio

In this video, the MC909 is being played using the Algorithmic Arts generative music production program call Artwonk and connected to the MC909 via MIDI input. Also connected to the MC909 is the Virtual ANS spectral synth via audio input and run through a couple of effect units on the MC909. The large screen shows three random images in random order with random effect applied via the Artwonk generative program in sync with the notes being played. Artwonk is a very flexible program with many various clocks and modules that can be combined for a wide variety of purposes. It is very good for real time control over visuals and sound, thus very good in a live setting. John Dunn is the inventor of this particular program. He worked for Atari for many years and worked a lot using analogue modular synthesisers. With this program, the workings of modular synths are used. The program used to be commercially sold, but now it is free to download, since John lost his sight a couple of years ago and is unfortunately not currently in a position to further develop his program. What you see in this particular video barely scratches the surface of the program's capabilities. A few more such videos will be added, hopefully with improved quality

Riot in London - "X Pulse" live studio test visuals

Published on 28 Feb 2017
A bit of live improvised tech house by Riot in London entitled "X-Pulse" was chucked into this video for another visuals test using the Magic visuals program, using MIDI and audio input control for real time and automated control over visuals being projected. Great program for live real time use. Original music track can be found on the Elektronik Dance album by Riot in London. The original video graphics can be found on the same playlist on this channel. Basically, that same video is being further manipulated in realtime in this video using the Magic software.

Riot in London - "Slow Burn" live studio visuals test variation 2

A variation test in visuals and lighting to earlier test version of 23 February. Aspect ratio was messed up by me when rendering in Blender video sequence editor, hence its looks wider on x - axis but narrow on the y- axis, but since this is a test only, I can let this slide this time. Again Slow Burn performed live with slight variations on yesterdays version, hence this makes live interaction with sequencers and synths a real delight as no two versions are ever exactly the same.

Riot in London -"Slow Burn" live studio video1

Live free tekno track "Slow Burn" by Riot in London played live with improvised vocals on the spot and experimenting with live visuals in the studio with potential for live use with the right video projector. Camerawork is rough, but the i-phone doesn't do a bad job for a narrow view. Quality is rough though, due to post editing in movie maker and convert to wmv format.  But a bit of dirt and grid never hurt and this was indeed the first take for this video and just decided to let it go as it is. Hopefully will be working on more of this stuff.

Riot in London - "PsyTrance" - new experimental visuals

Published on 20 Mar 2016

A freshly made experimental visual to go with PsyTrance by Riot in London. Visuals were made in Blender Game Engine with real time control via the keyboard. Full MIDI control is being worked on. But there are plenty of choices for real time visual control via the keyboard. Basically, it is an image projected in 3D with animated transitions, zoom and rotation control all which can be controlled in real time. Strobe-like effects are achieved simply by baking to f-curves the music track together with a cube, which when zoomed up close produces the effect.

Riot in London - Converting image to sound on the Virtual ANS Spectral Synthesiser

Here an image is loaded into Virtual ANS and then converted to sound. The Virtual ANS Spectral Synth can be freely downloaded at

Riot in London's Virtual ANS Spectral Synth experiment with lines and dots

 Best listened through headphones but are still fine via external speakers.

Published on 22 March 2016
Here lines and dots have been drawn into the sonograph directly from the Virtual ANS Spectral Synth internal tools. The playback of the sound as seen on the video, can be reversed and stopped at any point for analysis. There is MIDI on the Virtual ANS, which means it can be played directly from an external MIDI controller keyboard or other device thus making it a powerful sound creation tool.

Riot in London - "Didgeridoo Live - March 2016"

As from April 2016 we have another album out, this time an experimental one using the didgeridoo and some electronic beats and basslines on some of the tracks.  All have been recorded live in Chatham and Gilllingham using a mobile phone and picking up the street vibes and ambience along the way. Hopefully there will be a few more of these live recordings this year. This album is freely available to download via Bandcamp as a free download or as an individual track download. Simply scroll the list on the right of this page to view and download.
The album can also be listened to fully via the Riot in London Youtube channel at

Best wishes to you all!

Latest albums by Riot in London

Check out the newly available three albums by Riot in London covering 2011-2014. Released in April 2015. They are all free to download via Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Visuals can be viewed via Youtube.  1. "Zone of Alienation", 2. "Elektronik Dance", 3. "The Covers". Best wishes to you all. See you on the streets!

Cover version of" People Are Strange" (The Doors) by Riot in London

Cover version of" People Are Strange" (The Doors) by Riot in London

Also check it out via the link to the tracks page Tracks listing where is can be downloaded via Soundcloud for free.

"I Travel" - Simple Minds - cover version by Riot in London

Cover version by Riot in London of a Simple Minds' 1980 released track  "I Travel" also on their third LP "Empires and Dance"

Check it out on Riot in London tracks page on here where it can be downloaded for free via Soundcloud

Latest tribute cover version by Riot in London is to David Bowie and his track "Fashion" that was first released in 1980.

Go to Riot in London's  Track list page  to listen and freely download via Soundcloud. 

'Hide U' - Riot in London (cover version)

                                           Originally written and recorded by Kosheen.